3th European Regional Sakai Conference (EuroSakai 2010)

La Universidad Politécnica de Valencia servirá de escenario para el III Congreso Regional Europea de Sakai (EuroSakai 2010), que se celebrará del 1 al 3 de marzo de 2010.

Sakai: definido como un Sistema de Gestión de Contenidos (CMS), un entorno de aprendizaje virtual (EVA) o Learning Management System (LMS).

"Built by educato
rs for educators, Sakai provides a student-centered platform for learning that can transform the educational experience. Its customizable and easy to use interface enables effective and efficient development, delivery and management of courses, course content, and collaborative efforts. To drive innovation on teaching and learning within the Sakai community. To share best practices, understandings and experiences among faculty members themselves and between faculty and other Sakai community members. To communicate the goals and issues of the teaching and learning community to contributors in Sakai including developers, UX (user experience), system administrators, documentation, support, and QA (quality assurance)." (http://sakaiproject.org)


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