Nueva entrega del newsletter (marzo 2012)


Compartimos la nueva entrega del Newsletter (marzo 2012);

Welcome to the newsletter from, a European Commission initiative supporting the transformation of education through technology.
Highlights of the month

Submit your articles for eLearning Papers No 29
The topic of the 29th issue will be ‘Learning and Active Ageing’. It will explore the use of innovative teaching methods and new learning environments to promote lifelong learning among older people in Europe.
Deadline for submission: 27 April 2012
Guest editor: Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary General, AGE Platform Europe
For more information, author guidelines and previous issues, click here.

“Open Learning Horizons”
Download a tablet-friendly version of the special edition of eLearning Papers containing the best contributions of 2011!

Nominees for e-learning awards 2012 announced
To read the announcement from in Dutch, click here.

Community “Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues (LS6)” – new content
Key issues and recommendations of Key Dialogue 5 (KD5) ‘Language learning through social media: evolution of teaching practices’ have been listed at the end of the forum discussion, following the webinar ‘Teacher training in the age of Web 2.0: The current situation & future perspectives’ which took place on 30 November 2011. Read more about key issues and recommendations of Key Dialogue 5 (KD5) here.

First international conference on digital environments and language learning in Barcelona
An exciting new event is taking place in Barcelona in April. It brings together professionals and institutions involved in language teaching in Spain. IES Abroad, enClave-ELE, Nebrija Universidad, Universidad de Deusto, Instituto Cervantes and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona have organised ‘Digitalingua’, the first international conference on digital environments and language learning. It will take place 14–19 May 2012, both online and in Barcelona. For more information about the event details, click here.

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