Learning 2.0. Case Database

Os presento en esta ocasión una recopilación muy interesante sobre casos de aprendizaje 2.0. Se trata de Learning 2.0 Case Database, una colección de casos que forma parte del proyecto de investigacion "Learning 2.0 - el imacto de la web 2.0, Innovaciones sobre educación y formación en Europa" que presenté hace algún tiempo.

Esta recopilación de casos, editado igualmente por Christine Redecker, ha sido realizado por el
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, en colaboración con la Comisión Europea (Dirección General de Educación y Cultura).

"The project aims to gather evidence on the take up of social computing by European Education and Training (E&T) institutions, to understand the impact of this phenomenon on innovations in educational practice and its potential for a more inclusive European knowledge society, and to identify challenges and bottlenecks so as to devise policy options for European decision makers. In order to contribute to these overall goals, data was collected on the diversity of Learning 2.0 projects in Europe and the rest of the world. This unreviewed case collection makes these raw data on existing Learning 2.0 practice available to a greater audience, with a view to contributing to building up a solid foundation for further research into Learning 2.0. The projects displayed in this overview are not assessed, clustered or analysed".


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